Gulab Oils ropes in Malaika Arora as the Brand Ambassador

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The Bollywood Superstar will play an integral role in intensifying the brand’s reach across varied markets

October 28: Gulab Oils, one of the leading manufacturers of edible oils in India, has roped in Malaika Arora as the brand ambassador. Gulab Oils has been serving the masses for more than five decades now and has been governed by its endeavour towards quality and trust. The brand has roped in Malaika Arora in line with an aim to encourage the masses to replace ordinary refined oils for cooking with naturally made cold-pressed oils as she has inspired many Indians to focus on their fitness journey.

Keeping in mind the health and fitness, Gulab cold-pressed oils are naturally extracted using the traditional ghani method and cold-pressing helps in retaining the rich aroma and flavor of ingredients used, making it ideal for all kinds of Indian cooking. The collaboration with Malaika will help the brand to create awareness about the benefits of using natural products like cold-pressed oils and strengthens its reach among a widespread audience.Malaika Arora will play an integral role in intensifying the core messaging of the brand reach in the Indian market and promoting the brand at the national level. Gulab Oils has come up with an integrated campaign which will be led on the digital platforms. Malika Arora’s fitness level has been an inspiration for many in the different age groups, and this will help in creating a brand recall value and awareness in the category.

Speaking on the partnership, Malaika Arora, an Indian Actress, said, ‘It is a pleasure to associate with Gulab oils which is one of the leading manufacturers of edible oils in India. As a collaboration, I will be endorsing the Cold Pressed Oil range that comes in 5 variants which are Groundnut, Sesame, Coconut, Extra Virgin Coconut and Mustard Oil. Hope to convey the messaging of healthy lifestyle and fitness in the society together!”

 Speaking of the collaboration, Dishit Nathwani, Director Gulab Oils, said, ‘Through this campaign and collaboration, we would like to convey the messaging of living a healthy lifestyle.  Our range of cold-pressed oils are naturally extracted, and we aim to encourage the masses to replace their ordinary refined oils and switch to cold-pressed oils. Also, we believe no one better than Malaika Arora could have been suited for this campaign, and we are glad to partner with her. She is the ideal face for our brand, being a fitness icon in the country.”

Our mission is to add trust and value to our customers by ensuring good quality natural products; over the years, we have created high-quality edible oils and have seen an unprecedented acceptance not just in Gujarat but across the country.  Our range of oils stands testimony to the company’s customers and society.

About Gulab Goodness:

Gulab Goodness is our brand extension move, an initiative to bring products imbibed with nature’s goodness into your homes. We ensured that our R&D process was poised to invert this change, and thus we created our vertical of 100% natural products in its purest form. And this also led to our title ‘Goodness’ since that is what we wanted to imbue society with through our products.

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