Students of Motion Education rocked at NEET 2021

Press Release

In Top hundred ranks motion secured AIR 62, 66, 72, 90, & 97 (general category)

AIR 14, 50, 69, 151, 156, 163, & 194 ranks among top 200 (both general and special)

Kota (Rajasthan) [India], November 6: After a long delay, NEET (UG) 2021 was declared by NTA on Monday, 1st November 2021. Students of Motion Education: Utkarsh with AIR 62,  Shreyansh Raj with AIR 66, Geeti Gayatree Panda with AIR 72, Sooraj Nanda with AIR 90, and Vikrant Kumar Mishra secured  AIR 97 (All belong to General Category). Other than these students, Kenil Somani with AIR 14, Saurabh Raja with AIR 50, Prem Kumar with AIR69, Shekhar Kumar Singh with AIR 151, Kartik Kanna with AIR 156, Tanish with AIR163 and Devansh Mishra with AIR 194 secured ranks in the top 200 (All from special category).

Er. Nitin Vijay, Managing Director of Motion Education, expressed his heartiest happiness for the success of all the students in NEET 2021. Vijay said, “It is quite fortunate that we are having celebrations of NEET 2021 results on the day of Dhanteras, which has multiplied our happiness. We are happy for the students who have succeeded in the NEET exam and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.”

The student with AIR 62, Utkarsh, said, “It is because of Motion Education Kota that I succeeded in fulfilling my dream of getting admission in a medical college is accomplished.” He further said that the motivation, guidance, study material and test papers were extremely helpful in cracking the NEET exam. “I thank NV Sir, the Managing Director of Motion Education, for his kind guidance and suggestions, which were like a boon for him.

Another student Vikrant Kumar Mishra who secured AIR 133, said, “The study material and test papers along with the guidance and motivation of the teachers of Motion Education are the reason that helped me secure the rank. Whenever I feel depressed, NV Sir was always standing with open arms to motivate and regain the high spirits and energy.”

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