Educated Youth is Turning Towards Shivsena


Thane (Maharashtra) [India], November 25: Till a few years ago, shiv sena did not have a group of educated young activists. In recent times, the face of Shiv Sena has started changing. The reason for that is huge and important. The educated team of young leaders like Cabinet Minister Aditya Thackeray of mahavikas coalition government, Shiv Sena MP Dr. Srikant Shinde, YuvaSena’s Varun Sardesai, YuvaSena secretary Purvesh Sarnaik and many educated youths are now joining shiv sena. Therefore, the help offered in the leadership of this highly educated youth has helped the citizens during the Corona crisis. And it has also started creating the future leadership of Shiv Sena. One of such young activists is Ad. Radhika Abhijit Shedge from Thane. She is a lawyer by profession.

She was the general secretary of the committee for three consecutive years at the Government College in Mumbai. She was also vice president of the Rotoract Club of Thane Skyline. So, her public relations are good. However, in the corona crisis, her leadership qualities rose.

During the times of the first and second waves of the corona, Ad Radhika Shedge started helping people who came to her as much as she could. In the first wave, she opened the doors of the kitchen of her own hotel Sri Swami to the needy. She started distributing free meals to the needy from her hotel. From April 2020 till the end of the first lockdown, she started distributing around 2000 needy people nutritious food daily, and she distributed about 3 lac sanitiser bottles of 50 millilitres. She also distributed PPE kits to doctors and staff of Vedanta on Ghodbunder Road in Thane and Kalsekar Hospital in Mumbra.

However, when she realized that students living in chawls in Thane city, especially in Nalpada, were facing a lot of difficulties in online education, this made her upset. Then Ad. Radhika spoke to her husband and hotelier Abhijit, and then she made sure to make free internet Wi-Fi service available for almost 2000 families there. At the same time, the educational material required by the students was also given free of cost. As a result, the question of the education of students from about 2,000 families was resolved in a moment. Meanwhile, due to the heavy rains in Konkan, there was a huge loss. Ad. Radhika was very sad by all this; she felt very bad for all the residents in Konkan. Radhika Shedge discussed with colleagues and decided to provide help to the flood victims. For this, her husband Abhijit and a colleague took a truck full of essential commodities. The Shedge couple then went to a place affected by heavy rains in Konkan and started helping.

At the same time, Shiv Sena leader and Maharashtra Urban Development and Public Works Minister Eknath Shinde, Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray were also working round the clock to help the flood victims of Konkan. Ad. Radhika was watching all these big leaders working hard in such a situation. It made a huge positive impact on her, and she realized that she needed to have such a big force like this with her to work more and more for people.

After helping the flood victims of Konkan. Ad. Radhika returned to Thane. And within a few days, she joined the Shiv Sena. After entering Shiv Sena Ad. Radhika started working with new energy. For the first time in the Mumbai division, in Hiranandani meadows, a residential complex in Thane city, citizens were provided with a vaccination facility in their own housing complex. Ad. Radhika made it available in collaboration with Apollo Hospital. This was the first time that citizens had access to vaccination facilities directly to their doorsteps in this manner. Thane Municipal Corporation mayor NareshMhaske extended special support for the same. 1050 citizens were directly benefited with home delivery vaccination.

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