Wecript search engine steps forward to build secured atmanirbhar bharat


New Delhi (India), December 06: In the current digital era, the one common threat that every individual is facing is the threat of losing data. The privacy terms have been compromised, and an individual’s data is being used for commercial purposes. According to research, 79% of internet users around the world feel they have completely lost control over their personal data. Moreover, four in five respondents of a global survey released in 2020 believed that their personal data was no longer under their control.  To address this issue, sKarn Robotics has launched Wecript search engine, a private search engine that lets you search and browse on the internet with data confidentiality. It’s a boon in present times in India and the world, as consumers have been longing for privacy and data protection.

Their flagship product, Wecript search engine, provides advanced features such as safe search, private search, dark mode, custom search, private search and many more. Wecript Search Engine runs on an in-built Wecript browser that also has advanced features that other companies are not offering to date, such as private download manager, clean design, app lock, reader mode, adblock etc. These options not only make your browsing and searching experience easy but also prevent data tracking and data leakage.

With a mission to provide data protection and security to its users through its remarkable privacy-focused products, sKarn RoboticS aims to increase its global outreach. Apart from a search engine, Wecript offers a host of other ecosystem products that will help you to protect you and your business from data loss, such as SaaS products to assist in Automatic developing, designing, maintaining and licensing various software packages like ERP, CRM and client-server applications. It allows enterprises the comfort of managing time & expenses, invoices, company employees’ details, attendance, and other data-related works. sKarn RoboticS is a Government accredited company, which has been recognized by DPIIT as Startup India. The company has a strong portfolio that is encouraging investors from the world over to invest with them.

In the latest interview with The Karn, Founder & CEO of sKarn Robotics & wecript, believes that technology is a powerful tool and must be used for the development of society and mankind. He envisions seeing India as a developed country and no longer a developing nation. He is an entrepreneur who thinks and acts globally to help consumers lead quality and safe life. Just like the Karn of Mahabharat, The Karn is a visionary who aims for the welfare of people and society.

The Karn is a revolutionary thinker and possesses a unique entrepreneurial spirit combined with an indomitable passion for both technology and business. He possesses a wide skill set ranging from executive management, product development, product management to sales and marketing. He is highly enthusiastic, talented, and a soft-spoken person, who with all his efforts, tries to put India as a global leader on the world map; after talking to him, we find him as a true believer in humanity.

With a vision to transform a massive and growing $500+ billion global market, sKarn Robotics plans to develop several tech products that would transform people’s way of using the internet while retaining their privacy and security. Click  https://skarnrobotics.com/ to find out more.

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