Musical Track Magnum by Jassi Chhokar and Gurlej Akhtar out now

Press Release

Mumbai (Maharashtra), December 10: Touted to be one of the biggest musical releases of the year, Jassi Chhokar and Gurlej Akhtar’s Magnum dropped today. The upbeat Punjabi track is sung by the dynamic duo with music composed by Chhokar, Jassi Khamachon has penned the lyrics. Magnum is presented by Krysstal 24 Music. The music video, which is high on drama, style and action, features Chhokar, Swati Chauhan, Shehzaan Khan and Sahil Masih.

Shot at Turkey, Istambul on a huge scale, the video perfectly conveys the essence of the song and is themed on revenge, power game and ambitions. It has been produced by Pooja Arora and Mahender Singh.

Despite an upbeat tempo and international sounds, what captures attention is the rustic and earthy Punjabi flavour to it. Needless to say, Magnum is sure to emerge as the next party anthem!

Talking about Magnum, Jassi Chhokar says, “I had a wonderful time creating Magnum. We released the song just today, and we’re lucky to be receiving so much love already. I loved the collaboration with Gurlej. She has a power-packed voice, and it’s always amazing to work with people who help bring out the best from within you. And kudos to Dhanashree for making the song look so beautiful onscreen as a director!”

Our DOP Dhruwal Patel has done brilliant work! We’re very happy that we could achieve our vision.” he added Magnum is a powerful song. Hence, you can see the video talking about everything that is considered powerful, like money and ambitions.

Dhanashree Mehta Goel adds, “We wanted to make a slick video that perfectly conveys the core flavour of the song.

Sharing her excitement, Gurlej Akhtar says, “Magnum is a very special song for me. We had a gala time recording it.

Having said that, it is a tough song to croon because it requires you to sing at various scales. But Jassi has done a fabulous job in composing this track, which is sure to leave a mark in people’s hearts.”

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