Best Astrologers Online Awarded by Astrologer.Click for 2021

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New Delhi (India), December 20: Astrologer.Click announced the prestigious NATIONAL ASTROLOGY SERVICES ACHIEVERS AWARDS 2021 on December 15, 2021 to celebrate and honor 12+ winners at different levels for their invaluable knowledge and delivering quality, excellent services and trustworthy individuals, brand and business names.

The Founder and CEO of Astrologer.Click Mr. Pradeep Dhawan & Entire Team of Astrologer.Click congratulates all the winners, nominees, patrons, associates and partners.

NATIONAL ASTROLOGY SERVICES ACHIEVERS AWARDS are an annual award event organised for honoring the best in industry Experts on Various Indian Cultural Vedic Sciences & Spirituality.

A brief list of Winners:

Dr. R. B. Dhawan – People’s Choice Astrologer of 2021 – He is a well-experienced Astrologer since 1988. He has been awarded by many Organisations as Top best astrologer. He is the author of various  Bestseller Astrological Books, including ‘Guruji Ke Totke’ etc. He is well known for his research accurate Predictions in the field of Country, Politics, Marriage, Career, Business etc, being a Consultant to the Government of India, Teaching Astrology since 1997.

Ppunit Desai – People’s Choice Numerologist of 2021 – He is a Numerologist & Vastu Consultant from Mumbai, having 14+ years experience in Chaldean, Cheiro Numerology Predictions. He is renowned for his accurate predictions for the coming years, Name Spelling Correction Without Changing anything on Documents, Simple remedies for Missing Numbers really helps to transform life in a better way Navigate your life With Numbers. Numbers Don’t Lie.

Hamsa Raja – Best Tarot Reader of 2021 – She is a tarot card reader, Psychic Reader, Reiki healer, Life coach, Spiritual Healer practising for 8+ years. She provides accurate and spiritually valuable astrological readings and solutions for any issues. She also gives healing affirmations and healing codes designed to help you enhance your positive energy and strengthen the qualities that can bring you true happiness.

Ramakant Yadav – Top Astrologer of 2021 – He is one of the top astrologers practising Vedic Astrology since 2015, he has achieved many an appreciation from his clients from time to time for being good at predicting the astrological events of his client’s life like Marriage, Career, Love, Relationships, etc. and helps his clients with his short, simple & effective remedies.

Sourabh Tripathi – Best Remedial Astrologer of 2021 – He has been known for his expertise in precise & sure shot Vedic remedies at national & international levels. He has been honored with many awards. He is also an eminent member of many Spiritual, Cultural and Astrological Organisations. He is well versed with many subjects, from Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology and Hindu Religious Rituals.

Ram Pravesh Rai – Jyotish Maharishi Award 2021 – He is famous with the name “Karmyogi” as he has always been a staunch promoter of “Karma” & its power. He has been Spiritually motivated to provide selfless services to Astrology guidance seekers. He has been practising astrology selflessly since 2002. He is honoured by Many Astrological & Spiritual Society. His valuable research-oriented articles are published in many Jyotish Magazines.

Konica Khurana – Mrs Tarot Reader of 2021 – She provides personalized, accurate, quality readings to her clients so that they can reach a level of satisfaction. She is blessed with distant healing energy and empathy. She is perfect in healing the pain of seekers and predicts the future with the help of her psychic abilities. She provides counselling and readings through Tarot Cards, Numerology, Crystal Ball Gazing, Switchwords etc.

The awards are an ode to the indomitable spirit of the winners, runners ups & nominees, conceived and initiated by Astrologer.Click – Best Online Astrologer Consultation Platform in India.

The initiative was well supported by Kundli.Click, Panchang.Click Platforms – Associate Partner.

You can also Talk to any astrologer on call(https://ask.astrologer.Click)

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