The Good Glamm Group Presents The “Good Points Loyalty Program”


A unique loyalty program where 12 companies have come together under 1 loyalty program creating 1 user login offering endless benefits!

 New Delhi (India), February 18: Good Glamm GroupSouth Asia’s largest content-to-commerce conglomerate introduces the “Good Points Loyalty Program” – India’s most rewarding loyalty program. It is a first-of-its-kind loyalty program that is powered by a unique  ‘One Login’ tool that gives ‘Good Users’ access to all brands and platforms within the group.

The program rewards the ‘Good User’ with ‘Good Points’ for every action they take – from shopping across Good Glamm Group’s portfolio of beauty & personal care brands to reading, watching and engaging with the group’s media platforms. Featuring three tiers, namely  – Silver, Gold and Platinum, the ‘Good User’ gets to avail benefits such as priority access to new launches, upcoming sale previews, beauty advice from leading experts, birthday gift surprises, specially curated membership anniversary experiences, free shipping, exclusive access to masterclasses and makeover sessions from experts and more. All actions of a Good User are recognized and rewarded. 

To become a member, one can enrol across any brand within Good Glamm Group and instantly access multiple benefits across multiple brands. The more you engage, the more ‘Good Points’ you earn, which can be redeemed through discounts on products, social media shoutouts, access to exciting events & masterclasses and extends to internship opportunities within the group.

Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, Good Glamm Group, commented, We are excited to introduce the ‘Good Points Loyalty Program, a loyalty program like no other. Good Points reward G3 users for all actions they take across all Good Glamm Group brands and platforms with exciting benefits from discounts on products to access to masterclasses, creator meetups and more.” 

The Good Points Loyalty Program offers the brands within Good Glamm Group access to users and a combined reach of 150 million users on social media platforms, a network of 1.5 million Good Creator Co influencers, 18 million monthly users on content platforms and 6 million monthly users across D2C brands, all in just one powerful loyalty program supported by the group’s technology stack.

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