Guinness World Record winning Education organisation to launch Lifology Youth Ambassador Program

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March 23: Lifology, the Guinness World Record Winning, Guidance and Education organisation is launching the initiative of Lifology Youth Ambassador, a program where the teenagers are moulded into empowering leaders of the future. The initiative comes from Lifology which has operations across India, Middle East and London.  This new venture comes after “Future 10000”, one of the largest fellowship programs for school students.

In the Lifology Youth Ambassador program, students are provided with varied opportunities to explore, educate and experience various facets of their life. The Lifology Youth Ambassadors are young leaders who can empower themselves and the society around. Lifology provides them with a sense of belonging where they will be part of a globally connected network which would help them grow as an individual. They are given an opportunity to get mentored and moulded by experts from different domains, as well. A holistic approach is taken to develop the future leaders of the world, through Lifology’s Youth Ambassador Program.

The program is for students of the age 13 – 19 or from 8th standard to 12th standard. Being a Lifology Youth Ambassador, they get access to the Lifology Platform, to various initiatives to ‘earn while you learn’, connect to global mentors and opportunities for exposure and engagement in various fields of their choice.

The CEO, Praveen Parameswar said “1000 students studying from grade 8 to grade 12 in Indian Schools will be selected to become LYA for 1 year. They will be working very closely with the core team of Lifology and our team of International mentors to solve some of the problems which the world is facing now, so they will be involved in various projects discussions, deliberations, debates, research report making, and working in small and large teams to solve these problems.

These Youth Ambassadors will be exposed to the real professional world and will be provided with mentoring and get a good platform to network with the society, and also their 21st-century skills will be enhanced. On top of that, LYA will be provided with a 1 year experience certificate from Lifology which will add much value to their CV. Putting all together, Lifology Y A Program is one thing which you can’t miss out. So the coming March 25th evening we are officially announcing this program and opening up registrations for the same.”

Lana Eghterafi, Harvard Alumna and Director of Lifology Middle East said – “the response we are getting from nations of the Middle East is unprecedented. It is very encouraging to see teenagers and their parents take active interest in being Lifology ambassadors which is one of the best opportunities available in the world for growth, learning and making a positive impact in the society.

Eminent thought leaders from United Nations, NASA, International Coach Federation take sessions and mentors for Lifology students and parents. The start-up is an initiative of the alumni of Harvard, London School of Economic and IIM(A).

Those who wish to join as Lifology Youth Ambassador can connect to [email protected]  or 7994820999

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