Recode Studios Added Lip Crayon Lipstick Collection on Public Demand

Press Release

May 5: Recode Studios has announced the new collection of Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick to the e-commerce outlet with vivacious colors and shades. Body:

Recently, Recode Studios has launched the new matte lip crayon lipstick with several shades and designs considering the customers’ demands. Well, Recode has a variety of lipsticks including gloss, liner, mask, balm, and liquid lipstick.

Today, most actresses and high-profile celebrities prefer to use matte lip crayon lipstick to get a gorgeous red carpet look as it looks shiner and doesn’t melt easily. The crayon lipstick may remind you of your young days when you loved to play with the crayon colors. Today, the innovation has gone far and invented a solution for all make-up lover ladies to beautify their lips with crayon lipstick. It takes just a fraction of a second to apply to your lips, even without the mirror. Do you know the fun doubles? The crayon lipstick technology works both as lipstick and lip pencil.

Recode Matte Lip Crayon is soft and that’s why, no need for an extra layer to put on. This is one of the primary reasons for securing the rank in the top 5 selling products on the list.

Available in a Variety of Shades and Shapes to Make Look Gorgeous
Recode Studios has added various shapes and colors to its collections and is now available on its online store. Have a look at the below shades.

Recode Matte Lip Crayon SunBurn

Recode Matte Lip Girls Night Out

Recode Matte Lip Thirsty Thursday

Recode Matte Lip Saturday Night

Recode Matte Lip Sun Downer

Recode Matte Lip Tomorrow Land

Recode Matte Lip Summer Fest

And more in vivid colors and shades.

On the occasion of launching the long-lasting lip care solution, Mr. Bansal – the founder of Recode Studios said “I always thought that something is missing in my store that may enhance the look of lips and so launched the new make-up product for lip care.”

Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick is not like an ordinary lipstick and so applying is not ordinary too. To know the step on how to apply lipstick that enhances the look, you need to go through the website.

Why Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick is Best for Lips?
When it comes to getting a fuss-free, effortless and gorgeous lipstick, Matte Lip Crayon aces the race. The recent addition of Matte Lip Crayon in the make-up market is creating lots of buzz among lovers.

Stays Last Longer than normal ones: The Lip crayon is combined with lipstick, lip liner, and lip balm. Your lipstick will not be fussed even after having a heavy meal.

Much smoother than others: the lipstick is made of elements including shea butter & Vitamin E and so, the heavily pigmented lipstick stays smooth on your lips.

No Need for Sharpener: Unlike others, no need to sharpen the top point frequently. You just need to twist the bottom part and that’s it.

Inexpensive: Yes, it is inexpensive and starts from just INR 595 with a discount.
To get the shine matte look, Recode Matte Lip Crayon is the best in India and is suitable for all kinds of skin types and also good for dark-skinned beauties.

About Recode Studios:

Recode Studios ( is a group of cosmetic and skincare experts who are dedicated and designated to make a mark in the beauty and make-up industry. Since its inception, the core mission is to fulfill the need for premier quality products to make-up lovers and boost the confidence of beautiful women. The company believes in delivering 100% authentic products including makeup, skin care, hair care, & personal care.

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