Money Mileage Ropes in Funding from Startup India through AIC-SMUTBI


New Delhi (India), August 9: Money Mileage, a new-age money management platform, has received funding from Startup India through AIC-SMUTBI (Atal Incubation Center – Sikkim Manipal University Technology Business Incubation). As more newbie investors enter the investment space, Money Mileage aims to simplify finance, investment, and money management with its innovative platform. The company cherishes a vision to provide best-in-class money management solutions and high-quality financial planning advice to the Indian youth using AI/ML. Furthermore, looking at the youth’s growing dependence on credit cards and BNPL services, Money Mileage envisions promoting the correct way of spending money by educating and creating savings discipline.

Four zealous entrepreneurs co-founded money Mileage – Kashish Chhabra, Mayank Sharma, Anchit Seth, and Abhimanyu Sharma – to offer Indian customers a smart financial assistant. Kashish Chhabra is an MBA in finance and has worked with various US-based companies, managing money through Robo-advisors for US clients. Mayank Sharma has an MBA in Finance/Analytics and has extensive experience in Strategy, Product, and Technology in Top Indian IT firms.

Anchit Seth, on the other hand, is an M.Tech with experience building robust tech architecture for Indian unicorns. And Abhimanyu Sharma is an MBA in Marketing who has worked with top ed-tech startups as a sales and marketing professional. These four are on a mission to help India’s youth with financial planning and investment management, leveraging new-age technologies coupled with AI/ML. As a result, Money Mileage is backed by strong international research and data-driven methodologies to emerge as a one-stop comprehensive financial solution.

At Money Mileage, customers can access SMART Milestones – personally curated baskets that help them achieve financial independence by investing an amount as low as Rs. 200. Using SMART Save, they can also save money efficiently for short-term goals like vehicles, gadgets, or holidays. Money Mileage is also planning to introduce its Robo-Advisor so that investors can RoboFi for their investment and financial planning. Powered by AI, the platform will provide advice across different financial products like Stocks, MF, ETF, Gold, Insurance, etc., to diversify its customers’ investments and help them achieve their financial goals.

Sharing the company’s vision, Kashish Chhabra says, “Over the past few years, India’s investment sector has undergone a significant transformation. An increasing number of youngsters directly invest in investment vehicles like MFs and stocks. In this scenario, Money Mileage seeks to empower budding investors with the right financial assistance at the right time. The platform aims to minimize investment risk and create a financially stable generation of Indian youth through personalised finance and money management solutions. Moreover, it wants to make people aware of the need to build a stable financial future through reliable and informed financial advice.”

Money Mileage is available on both iOS and Android platforms. As investors beyond metros are showcasing interest in making sound financial investments, Money Mileage looks like a fantastic way to maximize your wealth in the best possible way for any future goals.

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