Actor and Writer Aditya Prakash discusses his acing trajectory in both the fields


New Delhi (India), January 27: It is time and again said that actors and writers have a significant amount in common. When it comes to the Indian film industry actors are portrayed as the sun-kissed faces of Bombay dreams, while writers are depicted as solitary, frequently pessimistic creatures. While actors conjure images of red-carpet wishes and designer-clad dreams, writers conjure images of a woolen cardigan and a cozy cabin, or some other similarly hermetic setting. However, despite the fact that authors work in syllables and performers sell scenes, the mechanics and commerce of these occupations are very similar. One such artist who has a perfect blend of both and has proved his merit in both is Aditya Prakash. This is an exclusive interview with the veteran, where he talks about his journey and the future aspirations that he holds.


Q1) For starters tell us about, your experience in the Bollywood industry yet and when did your career begin in Hindi cinema? 


Well, it all started in the year 2013. I would say that the trajectory of my acting career began alongside Bollywood superstars such as Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Sushant Singh Rajput, Priyanka Chopra, Asin, Ashutosh Kaushik (BIGG BOSS 2), etc in movies & series such as Bang Bang, Savdhaan India, Dil Bechara, and several TV ads. If you want, you can call it a divine gift since I have always had a penchant for creativity in both acting and writing. I began by penning short stories that were 12 to 15 pages long. I created more than 30 of these short stories and began submitting them to different Bollywood production companies. The stars came together for me one lovely day, and I received a fortunate call to create the script for Savdhaan India: India Fights Back. And there it was—my fortunate break. I joined the writing team as a team member at first, but after seven months I took over as team leader.


Q2) Can you show some more light on the details of your journey yet in the domain? What was your driving force in the domains of writing and acting? I am sure the journey was not easy. 


Well, it was certainly difficult because I had no one to turn to for guidance or assistance. I initially thought that I would never be able to enter Bollywood successfully. But I had a pretty early realization of something. I intended to be here, according to my life’s purpose. I refer to it as my Ikigai, which is the Japanese term for your “reason for being” on this planet. I’ve always had a penchant for making movies, especially these two (acting and writing). Even though I had no idea how to launch a writing career, I was aware that this was what I needed to do to succeed in life. Talking about my writing experience, I would say, I have written over 110 scripts for the famous tv show ‘Savdhaan India’. 


Q3) As you said prior that had a flee for writing but how did that creativity mold towards the acting segment?


Well yes, it’s amusing that you asked. Despite the fact that I have written more than I have acted, my acting roles continue to garner the majority of public recognition. I suppose that’s just how things are. After getting my foot in the door of the industry, I eventually began making acquaintances. This was crucial in helping me land that first employment, in addition to my skills. In order to thrive and expand, Bollywood depends heavily on networking. Although networking is vital in any field, it is even more so in this industry. Your network enables you to discover fresh chances. I learned about a position that Savdhaan India is auditioning for. I was chosen after my tryout. The same procedure was followed for my roles in Bang Bang, which I shared with Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, as well as for my first few TV ads. Katrina was a big- big help on the shoot days. We used to rehearse extensively during our lunch. My industry connections informed me about all of these, so I went there to audition and was eventually chosen.


Q4) Being said that, can you tell the audience about how difficult it was to make a transition from writing to acting? 


No, I think it was fairly Effortless. The hardest part about Bollywood was getting in. I spent a long time trying. Making this adjustment came naturally to me; since at this point, I knew a lot of people.


Q5) Can you tell us about what you have been working for currently? 


Well, I changed my career to work in the business world. I moved from CREATIVE to CORPORATE.  Currently, I am working at AMAZON PRIME VIDEO. I assist them in overseeing purchases for well-known TV shows and films- Phone Bhoot, Runway 34, and Jayeshbhai Jordaar.  I was recently instrumental in getting the SRK film Pathaan for our OTT platform. But I do have plans for acting as well. I keep getting offers for 10-15 mins roles, but I am done with these. I won’t lie, the money is extremely good in these roles but there is no consistency. I may get 5 roles this year, but only 1 role next year. And now that I am earning fairly well at my corporate job, I don’t want to risk my job for any more 10-12 mins roles. So the plan is this – I will resign from my job, and say goodbye to the corporate world,  only for a lead or a parallel lead role. I am constantly on the lookout for these and there is one in the pipeline too with Dharma productions.  


Q6) What future plans do you have in your mind when it comes to writing?


I’m now working on a love story of my own that takes place in a distant galaxy. The boy and the girl are citizens of two different worlds, each with its own distinct government. By the beginning of the following year, I intend to finish writing this story and then present it to producers. and I also plan to direct it, This will be my first film as a director. I want to change my career in Bollywood right now from being a successful writer to a successful director.


Q7) Where can your followers find you online and contact you?


Yes, I use social media regularly. Check out my profile at adityapr13_ On the platform, I frequently post updates on my life. and whenever I get the time, I respond to my fans. Thank you so much; I have high hopes for the future. God has given me a lot. I am forever obliged. Great things happen when destiny and hard work come together.

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