GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow celebrates Naatu Naatu’s victory with inclusivity and brotherhood


Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], March 28: When any movie, song, or personality wins a prestigious “Oscars” like academy awards, it’s not just the artists or the production crew that wins, rather the whole nation emerges victorious. Recently, India experienced this sense of international achievement when the Naatu Naatu song from the movie RRR won the best original song award at the Oscars. What made this victory even more remarkable was the Indian film industry’s 14-year long wait. India is a country rich in values of strength, resilience, equality and diversity, which are reflected in its art and culture.

This triumph of Naatu Naatu earned India high praises, particularly among South Asian countries. Naatu Naatu emerged as a song that painted whole India in the colors of pride, unity and celebration, making the world recognise the prowess of Indian art and culture, and dance to the Indian tunes.

Among the millions of rejoicing hearts over the marvellous win, few were of the goenkan’s. Highlighting the movie and song’s message of Inclusivity and brotherhood, GD Goenka public school, Lucknow, organised a groovy celebration on the tunes of Naatu Naatu, with all its students, teachers, blue-collared staff and other members of administration, whose dedicated efforts and devoted duties have raised the school’s prestige so far. Even though this victory filled each Indian’s hearts with pride, GD Goenka Public School, lucknow, especially connected with the win on a deeper level.

GD Goenka has been known to incorporate values of art, culture, brotherhood and resilience not just in its students but also in its complete administration. Time and again GD Goenka has set an example of its inclination towards a holistic learning that gives equal weightage to academics and extracurricular activities. GD Goenka truly stands on the values of equality, inclusivity and resilience.

While talking with Media, Sarvesh Goel, The Chairman of Mansingh Goel group and Chairman, GD Goenka Public School Lucknow said “Taking this win as a chance to showcase that the school not only teaches the importance of art & culture by words but also in action, Goenkans choreographed and grooved onto the beats of victory, the beats of Naatu Naatu. The Oscar win not only filled Goenkans with pride and happiness, but also with a feeling of reflection of its own connection to art and culture.

” Seeing this victory as a fortunate chance to honor India’s rich cultural legacy and pride, the entire school got immersed in a celebratory mood. A celebration that made the entire GD Goenka management, from teachers and principals to the blue-collar staff members to pause and honor the proud win in their own groovy way, such as the gardeners while trimming the lawns, teachers in the hallway, bus drivers while waiting for the students, members of theatre group of the school, children while playing sports and so on. Thereby, displaying the dance of pride in India and the exhilaration of a worldwide victory.

The video was created and shared on all of GD Goenka Lucknow’s official social media accounts. On the question of the viral video of Naatu Naatu school dance on social media, Mr. Goel stated, “People are liking our performance reel on Instagram and Facebook, and we are getting good reactions. Despite the fact that exams are taking place and the school is closed for junior sections, our 31 high school students, 11 administrative staff, 57 teaching staff, 36 grade IV employees, gardeners, cleaners, seven guards, mades, bus drivers, and myself performed this group act on behalf of the management. The end result was fantastic, and it also demonstrated the level of bonding and love among the staff and students, making us one of the top-best schools in Lucknow.

” This sense of pride, joy and celebration was ignited into Goenkans and in fact the whole world, by RRR. A movie that not only vibrantly represented India’s rich art, culture and history, but also celebrated our deep-rooted values of brotherhood, diversity and valor, and such patriotic devotion towards the motherland bore fruits of recognition. RRR and its song Naatu Naatu not only hit the chords of valor, celebration and brotherhood but also, they strung the idea of inclusivity.

Indeed, it was not just the song that won the Oscars, rather the message of equality and inclusivity in the upbeat notes blowing the trumpets of and for India.

A celebration of Victory, a celebration of Inclusivity and a celebration of Pride in Mother India.

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