CognitiveBotics Launches AI-Based eLearning Platform for Children with Autism


Hyderabad [India], April 04: CognitiveBotics, an AI startup based out of Hyderabad has launched an eLearning platform for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This innovative life cycle product handholds children with autism from ages 2 to 18, providing a comprehensive special education platform that equips them with the skills needed for employment and a fulfilling, independent life.

Autism is the world’s third most common developmental disability, a neurological illness that usually manifests by the age of three. Roughly one percent of the world’s population is born with Autism, that is more than 75 million children globally. They often face challenges in traditional learning environments due to difficulties with communication, socialization, and sensory processing.

CognitiveBotics provides a unique gamified learning environment for an effective and engaging learning experience that can positively impact the growth and development of children with ASD. The platform is designed to augment therapy and keep children engaged with home-based activities between sessions. The child’s progress can be tracked and measured by the therapist remotely and timely feedback is provided. The platform is therapy agnostic and covers all aspects such as behavior, speech, language, occupational, social, and emotional.

CognitiveBotics provides numerous benefits to children with ASD, including the ability to:

  • Learn in a safe and supportive environment
  • Receive tailored learning experiences that meet their unique needs
  • Improve their communication, social, and cognitive skills
  • Develop greater independence and confidence in learning

Therapists are at the core of our business and we believe in building long-term relationships that result in mutual growth. Partnering with CognitiveBotics offers several advantages to therapists and educators, including the ability to:

  • Complement traditional therapy sessions with innovative gamified learning tools
  • Create a brand for themselves and take their practice global
  • Retain and build a strong client base, with increased earning potential
  • Monitor and track the child’s progress remotely and provide individualized learning plans

The inspiration behind the company’s creation is personal for the founders Udaya Dintyala and Meenakshi, who are also proud parents of a son with ASD. Their son’s journey has taught them the power of perseverance, and today, they are thrilled that he has graduated and is living an almost independent life. Through their personal experience, they understood the challenges that come with raising a child with ASD. So, they combined their expertise in technology to create a make-in-India product that complements therapy and supports parents to give a better learning environment to children with ASD across the world.

“Our team has spent years in research and developed the platform to provide the most effective and engaging learning experiences for children with Autism,” said Srinivas Punnamaraju, CEO of CognitiveBotics Technologies. “We are excited to launch our platform and offer a new way to support the growth and development of children with ASD. CognitiveBotics brings hope and joy to millions of children and their families across the world.”

CognitiveBotics’ platform is available for both individual and institutional subscriptions. Subscribers have access to various features, including personalized learning plans, progress tracking, and a vast library of interactive learning activities.

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About CognitiveBotics:

CognitiveBotics is a leading provider of specialized eLearning solutions tailored for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). CognitiveBotics brings together the domain expertise of skilled therapists and the power of advanced AI technologies to solve the learning & developmental challenges of children with ASD.

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