‘Mindset for Success’ Book by Hirav Shah, A leading Astro Strategist and Validation Expert is Making Waves in the Global Book Industry


The self-improvement or self-help book industry is considered one of the fastest-growing categories of books globally. Despite the high number of books published in the category every year, very few make a worthy change in the readers’ lives.

Hirav Shah, the globally famous Indian Astro strategist, Validation Expert and author, has already cracked the code of effective self-help book writing through his previous releases ‘Business Strategy’ and ‘Leadership for Success.’ His latest writing venture ‘Mindset for Success’ is bound to be another bestseller within the short publication span.

For Success it’s all about Mindset, Strategies, Execution, and Luck.

  • With the money, you can buy a business but not the mindset
  • With money, you can buy a house but not a home
  • With money, you can buy a clock but not time
  • With money, you can buy a bed but not sleep
  • With money, you can buy food but not appetite
  • With money, you can buy a doctor but not good health
  • With the money you can buy insurance but not safety

‘Mindset for Success: Rapid Fire with Hirav Shah’ is the author’s take on how a positive growth mindset shapes and stimulates high success in an individual’s life. Hirav Shah places the potential of an individual in a business environment and analyses how a growth mindset helps them make it through possible challenges.

The author Hirav Shah is a renowned name in various business and social sectors. He is the top-rated advisor, investor, entrepreneur, etc., But his popularity as the top Validation Expert, business astrologer and Astro strategist for Business, Sports, Politics, Entertainment and Real Estate is beyond imagination.

The close association of Hirav Shah with countless successful brands and celebrities speaks for his expertise in the field. Hirav already practices what he preaches in the book with his clients and has earned immense success. So, the life and work of Hirav Shah itself stand as proof of the theories and observations he makes in ‘Mindset for Success.’

Rather than being a mere positive thinking book, ‘Mindset for Success presents practical suggestions and solutions to be resourceful in the face of challenges and increase creativity, innovation, and productivity even in the worst times.

The author brings about different scenarios in life and how the power of positive thinking help gets through every difficult time. He believes that it is the mindset of a person that differentiates them from their counterparts. He observes that growth would be the ultimate result for an individual with a growth mindset, and for an individual with a negative mindset, things may get grey at the end.

Hirav Shah, with examples from his personal and social life, explains how it is possible to achieve miracles in every walk of life, including business, sports, entertainment, politics, and many more.

The book mainly centers around the power of a growth mindset within a business environment. A business’s performance and profit are linked to the mindset of the individuals there. He proceeds with practical solutions to develop a growth mindset within an organization or business and achieve higher growth and success.

The rave reviews that the book is already receiving on e-commerce platforms like Amazon point to how the author caters to the needs of the readers. Amidst the flood of ineffective self-help books, Hirav Shah’s ‘Mindset for Success’ is already making serious waves and offers a helping hand to many who are desperate to taste success in business and personal life.

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