Revolutionizing Legal Services: Connects Citizens with Law Experts


Surat (Gujarat) [India], July 1:, the groundbreaking online platform catering to the law fraternity, is set to transform the legal landscape with innovative SaaS services. It is under the stage of bootstrap (self-funded) and looking to expand nationwide. Designed to empower Bar Associations, State Bar Councils, Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Colleges, Law Students, and clients alike, aims to enhance legal awareness among citizens nationwide through its pioneering “Know Your Law” initiative. By breaking geographical barriers in the digital age, the platform also offers Law Jobs, enabling legal experts to discover opportunities nationwide. Furthermore, offers this platform to every law firms, lawyers, law colleges, law students and all bar associations the opportunity to seamlessly transition into the digital realm. Bar Association can in fact start using the platform with ready-to-launch websites and mobile applications through its SaaS services.

At, knowledge-sharing takes center stage with a platform encouraging experts to engage in law blogging and share their expertise with a broader audience. The platform catalysis career acceleration in the legal profession, facilitating global reach and providing esteemed services. As the only cloud-based platform providing anytime, anywhere access through web and mobile applications, ensures seamless connectivity for citizens and legal entities.

With a vision to become the market leader in the Legal service sector, takes pride in its commitment to effective communication, preparation, and guidance for all stakeholders, enabling them to deliver their best.

The inception of traces back to 2006, when founder Arpit Thakar, a multipreneur and technocrat with over 18 years of international experience, resided in California, USA. Thakar conceived a platform focused on the law fraternity, recognizing the potential in India’s legal landscape. Due to various circumstances, the startup was put on hold. However, in 2022, Thakar decided to reinvigorate, again embarking on a mission to assist lawyers, law firms, and the country’s people in gaining comprehensive legal knowledge. This revitalized initiative aims to provide holistic legal services and foster awareness across India.

Through, Indian citizens can connect with the proper law experts, while a dedicated Legal Awareness campaign will ensure an unprecedented level of legal knowledge among the populace. By embracing the digital transformation within the legal fraternity, accelerates data accessibility for lawyers and law firms, eliminating geographical limitations. Lawyers will now have access to cases beyond their local jurisdictions, expanding their service areas. Law students will benefit from a broader range of internship opportunities through digital profiling, making them accessible to law firms nationwide.

At the forefront of’s endeavors is integrating AI/ML technologies. The platform’s forthcoming AI/ML tool, set to go live by the end of August, aims to provide citizens with a basic understanding of FIRs/Notices received, helping them choose the right lawyer to resolve their cases. Additionally, is actively developing a Legal Process Outsourcing platform, enabling lawyers in India to expand their services beyond national borders. is inviting entire law fraternity to register and start being part of digital disruption to provide best of the services to their clients.’s dedicated team is committed to revolutionizing the legal industry, fostering legal awareness, and leveraging technology to provide exceptional services. By bridging the gap between legal professionals and citizens, paves the way for a more accessible and efficient legal ecosystem in India.
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