Onetouch offers Top-Notch Home Protection with High-Definition Security Integration


Onetouch introduces the Full High-Definition Video Door Phone Kit with Digital Door Lock Integration

New Delhi (India), January 15: In the ever-evolving landscape of home security, Onetouch has emerged as a pioneer, pushing the boundaries with its cutting-edge security technology. The latest addition to its lineup, the Full High-Definition Video Door Phone Kit with Digital Door Lock Integration, redefines home security by merging the advantages of a video door phone with the convenience and protection of a digital door lock.
 Gone are the days of grainy pееpholеs and flimsy door chains. Modern households seek advanced protection that seamlessly integrates with daily life. Yet, most security systems fall short, offering fragmented solutions that are either cumbersome to operate or lack comprehensive security. Traditional setups often involve juggling separate video doorbells, alarm systems, and kеylеss еntry, creating a disjointed user experience and leaving security gaps. This exposes homes to potential vulnerabilities and makes managing access inconvenient, especially for busy families or those with remote responsibilities.

Addressing these pain points, Onеtouch steps in with its revolutionary innovation: The Full High-Definition Video Door Phone Kit with Digital Door Lock Integration. This integrated system bridges the gap between visitor identification, secure access control, and remote monitoring, delivering unparalleled security and convenience in a single, usеr-friеndly package.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-Clear Communication: Equipped with a 7-inch capacitive HD touch screen monitor and a 2MP CMOS camera with a 120° wide-angle HD lens and IR night vision, it allows for high-resolution video and clear conversations with visitors, day or night.
  • Remote Control via App: With an inbuilt WiFi module, the Onetouch mobile app enables live video feed access from the camera, ensuring you never miss a visitor. Answer the door from anywhere, providing unparalleled convenience and security.
  • Expandable and Adaptable: Extending capabilities up to 2 outdoor units, 3 indoor monitors, and 2 CCTV cameras, catering perfectly to larger residences or commercial spaces.
  • Enhanced Storage and Recording: Supporting SD cards up to 128 GB, it facilitates video recordings and snapshots of visitors, making it ideal for security surveillance or keeping track of arrivals. The storage and recording capabilities are equally impressive, supporting SD cards up to 128 GB. This feature is not only ideal for security surveillance but also allows homeowners to keep track of arrivals by capturing snapshots or videos at their discretion.
  • Advanced Functions: Capturing snapshots or videos at your discretion; employing a voice changer and voice message feature for added security and entertainment.

“At Onеtouch, we understand the evolving needs of homeowners,” says Mr. Alok Parmar , Director at Onеtouch. “Our vision is to empower people with smart security solutions that not only safeguard their homes but also simplify their lives. The recently introduced Full High-Definition Video Door Phone Kit with Digital Door Lock Integration goes beyond basic security, offering a holistic approach that seamlessly blends advanced technology with intuitive functionality.” 

Onetouch has introduced a true game-changer – the seamless integration with a digital door lock. This innovation allows you to remotely access your door using the Onetouch app or the video door phone monitor. 

Picture this: you’re at work, and a friend drops by unexpectedly, or a package arrives when you’re away from home. With this integration, you can grant access to your home from wherever you are, effortlessly and securely.

Onetouch doesn’t just stop at securing your home; it ensures your loved ones are cared for in various scenarios. For instance, if the family is away and the housemaid is present, the implemented system sends a notification to mobile devices through the Onetouch app when she rings the doorbell. This allows the family to grant access and remotely open the door.

In another scenario, where no one is at home, and a small baby is with a babysitter, Onetouch has integrated CCTV with the video door phone system. This allows real-time cctv monitoring of the live feed, enabling the family to check on the well-being of the baby and observe activities at the actual location remotely.

The benefits are numerous. The integration of a video door phone and digital door lock fortifies home security by providing a comprehensive approach to visitor management. The peace of mind derived from this comprehensive home security solution is invaluable, particularly for individuals living alone or with young children for their child’s safety.

Onetouch’s Full High-Definition Video Door Phone Kit with Digital Door Lock Integration is not just a product; it’s a promise of unmatched security, convenience, and peace of mind for households. If you’re seeking a robust home security upgrade, this cutting-edge kit is a prime choice to consider. 

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