Adorn Your Gift of Love and Light with NORNAMENT this Diwali!

Press Release

November 08: Nornament is the one-stop destination for the best in luxury – authentic and bespoke fine jewellery for women. A legacy brand where the creation is Indian and the curation is international. Using innovative metals and various textured materials, Nornament offers an extensive range of fine bespoke jewellery.

At Nornament we celebrate the ever-lasting gift of love and legacy. While our creations are Indian, the curation is International. Each of our pieces is embedded with a tireless trade secret that has been carried forward for generations. Technique and trust are embedded in our DNA to encapsulate our heritage values in physical form; Nornament offers a modern twist to the historical art form of Indian traditional jewellery specially customized to fit everyone’s need. Every bespoke piece in this collection is painstakingly handmade with diamond polki, gold, pearls, and detailed with enamel work.

This Diwali, adorn yourself and your loved ones with fine jewels that match the spirit of the festive season. Why not arrive and shine boldy with legacy and tradition – two things that will never go out of style.

Price on Request

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