40 years old makes India proud in Asia’s biggest bodybuilding competition


New Delhi (India), December 15: How many of you can relate with the fact that ‘Age is just a number?’ 40 years old Tarun Gill has proved that it’s never too late to start something new. If you are passionate towards your aim, then nothing should stop you.

Starting his journey as a working professional in MNC to becoming a professional men’s physique athlete, Gill’s journey is an inspiration to those millions of people who think of retirement in their 40s. Tarun has created history in Asia’s biggest bodybuilding competition IHFF Sheru classic Amateur Olympia by coming in the top 10 in one of the most competitive categories of the show.

Tarun said, “I just want to say that my hard work paid off. I literally gave in my sweat and blood to prepare for the competition. I want to thank my coach, Noor Khan, who made this happen.

This was a competition where people from across the globe participated, and coming in the top 10 is a very big thing. Men’s physique category is more of a beach body competition wherein you have to look very aesthetic. Proportionate shoulders, six-pack abs and tight core are some of the main requirements, also in this category, you don’t wear trunks, instead, you wear a Bermuda. So, you have to look very aesthetic. For achieving this look and participating at this age, people from across the globe and different age groups are getting inspired by my efforts; the whole experience is overwhelming. Even some of the very renowned bodybuilders having years of experience in the field are amazed to see the condition of my body. They’re really surprised by the fact that a normal-looking fat guy with the problem of chest fat can achieve such great results and transform the body.  However, the body transformation

challenge which I took was extremely difficult, but as they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Just set your goal and work towards it to achieve.”

He also added, “Even I did a series of 141 days on YouTube where I documented each and everything about my transformation. I captured everything, my everyday training, diet, supplements, and also how I am feeling. Without fail, I uploaded videos every day and shared everything with my viewers, which garnered a lot of appreciation. My viewers connected with me on a very emotional level; they became a part of my journey.”

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