Adell Kimbrough: The top entrepreneur transforming several lives towards a glorious future


December 29: Being from barren grounds and becoming a successful force in multiple industries is not something that everyone could achieve. However, Adell Kimbrough thrashed all the hurdles that blocked his path to success. Due to his hard work today, he is a highly respected motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is making a difference in people’s life.

Adell Kimbrough came from a middle-class family with limited sources, but his intention to rule the world has no limit. He believed in his ability and in the instinct that drives him to become a successful entrepreneur.

Adell Kimbrough says, “no success is without thorns” thus, he understands the fact that everyone goes through getting hurt from the struggle stones that he carved and engrossed his success story on it. Hence, he is now fortunate to be in a position to help people who are struggling for their needs. He feels blessed to devote his time to help in improving people’s lives.

He is the president of Prophetic World Group, which is meant to help through scholarships, livelihood opportunities, and supporting poorer cities and communities in every way they could. It is an organization and a church that has members worldwide; however, the motive of the organization is to provide a glorious future for kids and engaging talks.

Through the Prophetic World Group, Adell influences the younger generation through advocating about non-violence, sex abstinence, leadership, anti-bullying, and many other various topics.

Adell Kimbrough during his trip to Guatemala in 2016 influenced his decision to become a private pilot. Determined to help promote the change of places visited by the pastor, he hopes to go one step further to expand and launch a private jet charter for the pastor in the future.

Adell Kimbrough is also an author of “From Passengers to Pilots”, with the message of becoming the pilot of their own life rather than merely being passive passengers. It is only your self-belief that motivates you to work for your dreams.

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