ADDSHOP E-RETAIL Giving Boost To Make In India Initiative And Contributing Their Bit Towards Generating Employment


February 1: Successfully established entrepreneurs Smt JAYSHREE PANDYA and shri Dinesh Pandya with their venture ADDSHOP E-RETAIL, not only aim at curating products completely made in India and advocating the age-old effective Ayurveda but also have a clear and ambitious vision of providing and generating employment opportunities for 1 crore people. Currently, more than 35000 farmer families are associated with ADDSHOP, and More than 20000 passionate women are paving their career and path towards financial independence with the support of ADDSHOP E-RETAIL.

ADDSHOP E-RETAIL believes in not just empowering women but making them economically independent. Their initiative aims to render women the financial freedom to make their own decisions, which enables them to live life on their own terms.

They also aim to contribute towards making women Economically empowered so that they can enjoy better status in their families and in the society, are more confident, raise healthier and better-educated children, and accelerate the nation’s development with low capital investment and, on the other hand, preserve our age-old nation heritage of curing and prevent diseases by curating products using organic herbal and ayurvedic ingredients.

Entrepreneurs of ADDSHOP E-RETAIL take pride of the fact that they are an Indian company and all of their products are completely made in India, and by doing so, they are consistently and deliberately trying to contribute their bit towards to mammoth growth objectives of our nation, which is truly commendable contributing by the team of ADDSHOP.

Apart from this, ADDSHOP company is working on a mission – Disease Free India wherein they help the farmers conduct organic and Poison free farming and contribute towards the prosperity of Farmers. ADDSHOP also curated chemical free and herbal cosmetics, and their wonderful and valuable achievements include more than 100 awards from various recognized and prestigious institutions and associations.

Dineshbhai Pandya is a visually impaired first-generation social entrepreneur, and For the last 20 years, he has constantly been contributing towards the upliftment of farmers by working a mission called Poison Free Farming, Rich Farmer and Progressive Village.  He is helping divert farmers towards organic farming and reducing and gradually stop the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. He has conducted around 1200 village shibirs and diverted more than 30,000 farmers towards organic farming.  Considering the fact that Dinesh Pandya is visually impaired, his contribution to society is really commendable. Apart from this, since the economic condition of our farmers is poor, he is also teaching them how to be an entrepreneur and become self-reliant.

During these trying times of covid 19 lockdown and during unlocking phase, Dineshbhai has provided employment opportunities to more than 10,000 people. He also adopted around 100 families whose earning person died in Covid. He also helped around 12,000 students with full-scape notebooks. He gifted around 3,00,000 cloth Masks of Gondal Udhyog Bharati Sanstha and did his bit to prevent society from Covid. He has also provided a computer lab with 50 computers in a government school in his village, which is the biggest lab across all the villages in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat.

Entrepreneur SHRI DINESH PANDYA’s wonderful and valuable achievements include the achievement of being titled as “leading industrialist of Gujarat”. He has also been honoured by the very prestigious institution GOLDEN BOOKS OF WORLD RECORD – the USA, “KRUSHI MAUL AWARD” – Swami Samarth Sansthan. He has also been awarded “SHRAMA RATNA” by the government of Gujarat. He has been awarded more than 50 awards at the state, and national level, which is commendable and his new venture ADDSHOP E-RETAIL is sure to go a long way owing to the skills, aptitude, talent and experience of the founders. In 2016, Indira Gandhi Krushi Univerity, Raipur, Chhattisgarh awarded him for his Zero Budget Farming.

His unit producing organic manure has received the best KVIC Unit award by Shri Vinay Kumar Saxena Ji, chairman of KVIC, in 2017.

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