Visit The Maharashtra Rice Festival From 17th to 19th February


February 17: The annual Maharashtra Rice Festival Celebrates its 1stedition of this esteemed event, hosted by Growers Direct, Yashwantrao Chavan Center, and Sri Swami Samartha’s Farmers Market, a farmer’s initiative start-up with an aim to develop a cost-effective supply chain that ensures the benefit of farmers as well as consumers.

This event offers consumers the opportunity to explore over 40 varieties of the finest quality rice products brought to you by our local farmers. It also serves as a platform for farmers who are offered the opportunity to earn their due income at the right price, all the while delivering high-quality products to consumers.

Speaking about the event Supriya Sule, Member, 17th Lok Sabha says, “This event plays such an important role in the advancement of local farmers in Maharashtra, and I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of it.”

Adding to this, Dinesh Shinde, Director, Growers Direct said, “This Festival is a very meaningful initiative that has been created with the farmers, and for the farmers. We hope that this encourages the residents of the state to come out, visit, and support our hardworking farmer community!

Join the event and support our farmers at Yashwantrao Chavan Center, General Jagannath Bhosale Marg, Nariman Point, on 17th, 18th and 19th February 2022 from 9AM to 7PM each day.

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    This type of data sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these “sales.” Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Fewer than two dozen examples of the Mills Duplex upright 5-cent coin slot machine are known to exist, Sidlow said. Like the Caille Peerless slot machine, the Mills Duplex also has a roulette-style wheel, but on the front of the machine. Las Vegas, and to a lesser extent Atlantic City, New Jersey, serve as the gambling hubs of the United States. Although poker and sports betting represent two of the most popular activities at casinos, slot machines still accounted for $105 billion in gambling revenue for Nevada casinos in 2014, with approximately $6.7 billion paid out to customers, according to the UNLV Center for Gaming Research. The draw of slot machines include the sights, sounds and fun of dropping coins into a machine while watching and waiting for a big payout. This tradition goes back to the mid-1890s with saloon owners in San Francisco.

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  34. }} Le Ladies hanno festeggiato il loro secondo successo in tre partite di campionato espugnando la pista del Reinach per 5-4. Sotto per 3-0 e 4-1, le bianconere hanno ribaltato il risultato con un parziale di 4-0 nel terzo tempo e game winning goal al 58’22”. Raselli e Ryhner hanno siglato due doppiette, Karvinen una rete. 23-21 Serbia, muro vincente dell’Italia con Anzani ma poi Sbertoli manda in rete il servizio. Emma Graziani (Centrale Italia U21): “Stiamo diventando famose per questo, la nostra è una squadra che gioca insieme da tanto tempo e siamo abituate a non mollare mai e questa è stata l’ennesima prova che insieme possiamo fare grandi cose. Ora la Serbia, squadra fortissima, noi cercheremo di fare il possibile come in questi giorni per cercare di ottenere un buon risultato”.
    Carica altri commenti Il quintetto di Cristian Dolcetti supera 6-3 il Real Avm nell’ultimo atto della Final Four di Prato Trionfo X Martiri nella Final Four Under 21 Regionale… Roberto Lapaglia crede molto nel gruppo dell’Under 21 dell’Atletico Taurinense: domenica inizia la fase nazionale per i piemontesi, che sfidano il Real AVM Cam di Rho… Stampe e personalizzazioni A mezzogiorno gli astigiani affronteranno i capitolini per la semifinale nazionale di categoria; domani le finali E’ giunta l’ora della verità per l’Orange Futsal. La compagine… Autobus da e verso la sede CSI Dopo un anno lontani dai campi, il CSI Bologna propone un nuovo Campionato di Calcio a 5 FEMMINILE 2022/2023. Serie A New Energy: due Sky Match completano il #Day17

  35. We use cookies to help you navigate efficiently and perform certain functions. You will find detailed information about all cookies under each consent category below. Download the VAVEL App and Create your Global Custom Newspaper! No primeiro turno, o São Paulo goleou a CAP por 4 a 0 no estádio do Morumbi, com direito a hat-trick do atacante argentino Calleri. Resultado das Loterias Estaduais (Jogo do Bicho) escudos Quem prefere utilizar o Internet Explorer é preciso apertar o botão Enter do seu teclado após uma das combinações acima. Há 23 anos, a Meia Internacional de São Paulo se consagrava como a primeira corrida de 21km da selva de pedra. Agora, chegou a sua vez de fazer história na prova mais tradicional do país. Assim que a bola começou a rolar o tricolor começou no “220”. Logo aos 7 minutos, Reinaldo faz um cruzamento e Pablo manda pro fundo das redes, 1 a 0 São Paulo. Na sequência o Tricolor continuou pressionado o RB Bragantino.
    Se aquele tricolor não foi brilhante como o time de 2005 ou o esquadrão de Telê, ele foi o mais perfeito para competições de pontos corridos e o que melhor entendeu a maneira de jogar torneios de longo prazo. Além disso, teve peças de reposição para vários setores do campo e dois personagens fundamentais: Muricy Ramalho e Rogério Ceni, ambos em seus auges da forma em suas respectivas funções e sedentos por escrever seus nomes na história do futebol. Eles conseguiram. Para a sorte do São Paulo, que também enriqueceu sua história com mais um esquadrão imortal. Com gol no último lance, o Red Bull Bragantino conquistou uma importante vitória na noite desta quarta-feira, pela 18.ª rodada do Campeonato Brasileiro. Recebeu o Fortaleza, no estádio Nabi Abi Chedid, em Bragança Paulista (SP), e venceu por 2 a 1. O time mandante abriu o placar com Lucas Evangelista, sofreu o empate na etapa final, com Brítez, mas garantiu os três pontos com gol de Gabriel Novaes, aos 49 minutos.

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  39. Ethereum (ETH) is more of a loser than Bitcoin (BTC), going down by 1.75% over the last 24 hours. This change potentially puts Ethereum on a path to scalability, according to Messari. “Scalability is a known limitation for the current state of Ethereum, Messari said. “Periods of high user activity can cause transaction times and fees to skyrocket, which often prices out retail users and newcomers.” ICO Price (ETH) Live update of Ethereum ETH USD price with interactive visual to study patterns and price momentum. However, it wasn’t until 2021 when the NFT market exploded, that Ethereum was to receive mass adoption. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities fully enabled the minting and trading of NFTs, and because NFT users needed ETH to trade on the platforms, this alone allowed the token price to skyrocket to a whopping $4,0000.
    Celsius, which takes cryptocurrency deposits from individuals and lends them out, stopped withdrawals because it’s facing financial trouble. Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, halted Bitcoin withdrawals for several hours on Monday. On balance, societies will eventually have to write off the cumulative energy consumption (including unpriced negative externalities), investment costs of hardware, the built-up human capital of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the cumulated work and a good dose of societal consensus. Moreover, in the meantime the Bitcoin network will have facilitated criminal activities by providing a means of illicit payments. All these costs are broadly proportional to the market capitalization that Bitcoin will reach and are moreover driven by the overall duration of the Bitcoin cycle. McCauley, (2021) concludes from similar observations that Bitcoin is a negative-sum game for society even worse than a Ponzi scheme.

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