Adopt Farmers – Solution for the deprived farmers and willful donors


New Delhi (India), February 23: Adopt farmers, a noble initiative focusing on building an ecosystem for farmers by building a community, seeks to connect marginalized farmers from India with donors worldwide.

The platform launched by Adopt Farmers Inc, a nonprofit 501c3 with connected ground operator ArSquare Development Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, has started with Karnataka, spreading across Andhra Pradesh, successfully signing up 200 plus farmers onto the platform.

“We want to ensure that a farmer does not fail in their farming endeavors for want of funds. Our platform is working relentlessly to cross-connect the stakeholders to reduce financial anxiety on one side and promote meaningful relationships on the other,” said Mr. Dev Kumar Thappala, CEO, Adopt farmers. “We will be able to stay accessible to every needy farmer across the country, regardless of their location.”

Needy farmers are boarded onto the platform after registering them through a vetted process. The platform has field researchers who personally interact with needy farmers and handhold the registration process. After the farmers receive the approval, they can specify their financial needs for agricultural purposes. Tech-driven transparency and research-driven quality can be experienced by visiting the Adopt farmers portal. The portal is designed as for Indian donors and for International donors.

Meanwhile, any individual/ organization wanting to be a donor can register on the portal and adopt farmer/s of their choice. After such adoption, the donor can donate. Thus, the platform is able to bridge the gap between the needy farmers and the hands that want to help them.

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