Chidi Okereke – The Maverick Entrepreneur


February 24: Chidi Okereke is an entrepreneur, writer and head Of business Devon troy copper, a digital Media marketing and communications agency in Lagos. He is the founder and head of strategy at thisruption communications. Entrepreneur Chidi Okereke is an optimistic personality and believes that every difficulty is nothing but a hurdle that inspires you to jump higher.

Success wasn’t served on a silver platter to this ace Entrepreneur businessman. Entrepreneur Chidi had no contacts but still he never stopped working for his dreams. He comes from a very humble background and gives the credit of his success to his sleepless nights of hardwork and toil. Chidi who believes in Hard work and says “Nothing can be obtained by just sitting and waiting”.

Entrepreneur Chidi Okereke is a fellow of the Cornell Alliance for Science Global leadership program and a Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media nominee. He has also been listed as the most influential Nigerian personalities on social Media. Chidi Okereke believes in teaching his skills to others, so beginners can have ideas and tricks to become a successful entrepreneur. He uses his social media platforms to teach, convey and educate people. Chidi Okereke shares his thoughts and ideas on Twitter and Instagram. He has 27k+ followers over his Instagram handle @chyyddee.

The most important part in the journey of success is the point where you have achieved your dream. After achieving their dreams most people become ignorant of the fact that they still need to work hard so as to maintain that success. Once you realise that success is itself a journey that needs a lot of determination and hard work only then you can achieve success that lasts.” Shares Entrepreneur Chidi Okereke.

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