HBF Direct Ltd – Taking Indians to expand Globally


Started operations with new office in Dubai & India (Noida)

Helping start-ups to turn from ideas to an IPO

New Delhi (India), February 25: HBF Direct Ltd. has been at the forefront for many years helping the small and medium sector companies. The Year has been a remarkable year of growth for the firm with solidifying their relationship with the Bombay Stock Exchange through signing an MoU to become the promotional partner for SME IPOs and opening an office in Dubai& Noida.

The Plan of HBF is to strengthen its position in the market with the wide range of services catering to Indian startup ecosystem.The next year beckons the launch of new services which will take the Indian Management Consultancy industry by storm, create a better value point for individuals and businesses and help them grow. The firm is on a trajectory to become one of the leading Management Consultancy firms in India, helping businesses go from an Idea to an IPO, helping them reach out to clients globally with their products and services.

Every organization has humble beginnings; after all, all you need is one good idea- which can usher a change in the world that no one could foresee. If you have an IDEA, then HBF Direct Ltd. will help validate that idea into a viable business model. Through its dedicated teams, HBF creates comprehensive roadmaps which detail each and every aspect of the business and its product or services. By leveraging our connections and relationships with individuals and organizations within the investment sector. HBF Direct can help attract funding for your business and help it prosper.

By conducting detailed and pinpoint market research, HBF will identify the gap that your business can fill in the market; and through its 360° degree support system with cash and financial management, legal due diligence, operations management and brand-building help scale-up your from an idea to an IPO. The services provided by HBF Direct include:

  1. Cash & Capital Management
  2. Financial & Corporate Strategising
  3. Sales Strategies
  4. Risk Minimization
  5. Leadership Consulting and Team Building
  6. Brand Building and Management
  7. Automation and Digitization
  8. Legal Support

Founder Mr. Sachin K Sheoran shares his vision to support Indian companies and intends to establish an HBF Direct Limited incubation center in every aspiring country. His goal is to work on the idea to IPO concept where HBF does the entire hand-holding for startups, small and medium-size companies. This will create a benchmark in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Mr. Bob Singh, Director at HBF Direct Limited knows what it takes to gain a foothold within the global ecosystem and is committed to his belief of strengthening the presence of Indian businesses overseas. He envisions using the various services offered by HBF Direct as a springboard for up and coming entrepreneurs and help them grow. 

HBF Direct Ltd. has now started to work with Indian companies to launch their business in Dubai through the Growth Partner model. The Growth Partner Programme is a revolutionary service which will completely change how businesses view relationships with.

HBF Direct Ltd.

By engaging in a partnership with HBF, HBF will ensure that your business grows to greater levels and provide full suite of services for your all requirements within the business process- from financial management to legal support and to any other assistance that your business may require.

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