M.P based Agriprenuer reviving traditional grinding methods


April 6: Alka Sharma, a Women agriprenuer of Madhya Pradesh, trying to revive traditional method of food processing. By using Vedic stone aata chakki, silbatta’s (traditional stone grinders) thus restoring the nutrients of the food, all these and many more products will be made by women SHG’s in guidance of food technologist and nutritionist.

The company Khadyot Naturals pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming processing and dehydration unit/facility in outskirts of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The unit is fully managed by women entrepreneurs and have maximum tie-ups with women farmers across India, the unit is all set to create opportunities for rural women to form SHG’s (Self help groups) and start their own small enterprises.

Some of the women farmers belong to remote tribals belt of India. But their dedication towards natural farming is tremendous and appreciable.

Khadyot Naturals support these women by supporting them in buying seeds, giving training, and providing machines for value addition to their produce.

The products which will be available are collected from across India, like famous turmeric lakadong from Meghalaya, Black pepper, black cardamon, tej patta from assam, dry ginger (saunth) from Orissa & Meghalaya, green cardamon, nutmeg, clove from Kerala, jeera, sauf ajwain , from Rajasthan, Kashmiri mirch from Jammu, khapli wheat from Maharashtra these are just few to name, the list goes on.

Our target is to reach approx. 5000 women farmers this year and to train and empower them so that they may start their own entrepreneurial journey.

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