Greenlab: A diamond among diamonds


Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 31: Surat-based Greenlab Diamonds will showcase its three unique lab-grown diamonds Om Namah Shivaya at the JCK Las Vegas show.

With its vision of making luxury sustainable and affordable, Surat-based Greenlab Diamonds is proud to announce its latest collection Om Namah Shivay, a set of three very unique lab-grown diamonds that shine through and showcase Greenlab’s top-notch expertise and modern technology.

Each of the three diamonds is the result of Greenlab Diamonds’ unwavering commitment to growing the highest quality diamonds in the world and the advancements in lab-grown diamond technology.

“Lab-grown diamonds are for everyone. We believe in cultivating better diamonds and sustainable and affordable luxury that nurtures people and the planet,” says Sanket Patel, partner at Greenlab Diamonds.

Greenlab Diamonds has created Om, a marquise step-cut diamond of 27.27 carats, using its expertise and advanced techniques, making it the world’s largest lab-grown polished diamond.

The second dazzler is Namah, a pear rose-cut 15.16-carat diamond that has been beautifully polished, flaunting its beauty to the viewer. Together, both Om and Namah are the world’s largest lab-grown polished diamonds with absolutely no colour enhancement.

The third diamond, Shivaya, is a 20.24-carat masterpiece that exudes charm and elegance. This emerald cut diamond is perfectly shaped to entice the viewer and can add grace to any hand it is put on.

“We will be showcasing the three diamonds before the world at the JCK show in Las Vegas. The collection will be on display at booth No. 8131, Labon LLC. Our workmanship is what differentiates us from the rest. We invite the fraternity members to come and witness the sparkling diamonds,” he adds.

Mukesh Patel, Chairman of Greenlab Diamonds, says that Om Namah Shivaya is just the beginning, and much better and bigger things are in store.

“As the adoption of lab-grown diamonds increases, Greenlab is dedicated to raising the bar with better quality, better sustainability, and ultimately, better diamonds,” says Mukesh Patel.

Greenlab has been at the forefront of lab-grown diamond production and continues to lead the way with new records year after year. Greenlab goes beyond the current gamut of diamond cultivation to reinforce care in the public conscience and nurture both people and the environment. It has pioneered the use of technology and innovation to push the boundaries of the diamond industry forward. The new collection is a testament to Greenlab’s commitment to creating unique and better diamonds.

You can learn more about Greenlab and its various verticals at and get in touch with them by emailing to [email protected]

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