Manasvani Organization announces to launch eCommerce platform, Manasvani Nutrition & Apparels with consultation


New Delhi (India), August 6: Non-Profit Organization Manasvani Organization is set to launch Manasvani Nutrition & Apparels, an eCommerce platform with the consultation. Through this new platform, the founder Mansi Gulati aims to reach out to more people for sustainable and healthy lives. After making a name in teaching yoga, Manasvani Organization is now planning to help people adopt a diet filled with nutrition. Not just that, they will be offering consultation where an individual can seek guidance upon dressing and maintaining a personal physique.

Based out of Delhi, Manasvani Organization takes pride in delivering exceptional and comprehensive yoga instruction to support children/youth of the nation in deepening their practice. They believe Yoga should be adopted as a lifestyle to achieve the optimal relaxed state of the brain and body, not just as a treatment. Over the years, they have helped many individuals with Astanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Face Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga for stress-free living. And, it was seen that Face Yoga Therapy came out to be most effective over the years. Looking at the same, Mansavani Organization is now planning to build a team of Face yoga teachers through their teacher training workshops to address a larger area of the community.

Manasvani Organization’s face yoga therapy involves facial movements that improve blood circulation in the face, giving skin a healthier, more radiant appearance. Additionally, it tones face muscles, which weaken with ageing, and makes fine lines on the face look less prominent, giving the skin a more radiant natural shine. Meridians and acupressure points are stimulated and activated as part of the therapy to increase energy flow to internal organs and boost health and wellbeing.

The Non-Profit Organization not only helps individuals to clear their body and mind through performing Yoga but also offers varied courses. For the one looking to become an expert yoga teacher, Mansi Gulati conducts a teacher training course for 30 days to ace the art of Yoga. And individuals who look for one-on-one training, Manasvani Organization also offers personal yoga sessions as well as 21- Days Yoga Retreat to learn Yoga for wellness & fitness.

Commenting about her journey & experiences, Mansi Gulati shared, “I have been practicing Yoga for the past 25 years and helping people attain peaceful living through the same. To educate people about Yoga, I have written several articles and books based on the premise and philosophy that Yoga can benefit all body types through a series of Asana. In the future, I want to create a community where people understand the power of Yoga, for which I have been continuously bringing new additions to my firm. Soon, I will launch the third book, Making Yoga a form of education through Manasvani, with yoga teachers & practitioners on board. That would speak about the Journey of Mansi & Manasvani and motivate people to embark on the Yoga journey.”

With so much on their platter, if you are also looking forward to a healthy life, then Manasvani Organization can be an ideal choice for you. Since Yoga benefits everyone, Manasvani Organization seeks to connect with everyone, including children, youth, women, impoverished socioeconomic groups, inmates, hospitals, and those with various medical conditions. What are you waiting for? Go learn from the yoga guru Mansi Gulati and become a yoga master.

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