Israeli Technology Launches Clear Black STP in India, Helping Save 40% Water


New Delhi (India), August 15: Huliot Pipes, an Israeli company operating from Vadodara, Gujarat in India, and over 30 countries worldwide, is a pioneer in Certified Green Pipes Technology; it has launched ClearBlack Sewage Treatment Plant customised for the Indian market for wastewater recycling and reuse.

Water recycling is the need of the hour for resolving the pollution of water bodies, maintaining a healthy groundwater table & avoiding the overuse of fresh water for domestic purposes. The recycled water can be used for flushing toilets, floor cleaning, gardening, car washing & industrial purposes, saving 40% of water demand and lower water bills. Water saving is an intelligent investment for our future generations.

Mr Miki Kedem – CEO of Huliot Pipes, says, “Our pilot program with the Vadodara Municipal Corporation for 100 KLD has been very successful. The MBR technology used in ClearBlack is the most effective water treatment, and the STP is manufactured at our Vadodara factory. We will launch ClearBlack across 20 states in India on the 15th of August; to help India save water and recycle it for multiple uses.”

ClearBlack STP system is IOT enabled, which can be monitored on a smartphone from any location. The application is developed for Android & iOS. There is no requirement to keep 24/7 manpower to monitor it.  The power consumption is low and has minimum chemical composition. It takes the lowest footprint and saves construction costs. It is unique as it can be integrated with the current STP system. Huliot provides 24/7 technical support and skilled manpower for quick service on-site. Moreover, the Decentralized STPs can be supplied in containers, making them mobile and portable. Larger units can be installed using civil construction with the same IOT control system.

Other salient features are that the recycled water is odourless, colour-free, disinfected output water that is safe to handle & use, in compliance with government regulations. It can be installed in remote areas with no sewage connection.

Besides recycling in residential and industrial areas, Huliot India plans to recycle polluted lakes and ponds and make the water reusable. They will engage with gram panchayats in villages to help use recycled water for irrigation, identical to that in Israel.

Huliot India plans to partner with developers and corporate clients for their commercial & residential projects who will save millions of litres of water per day by making small changes using next-gen technology, which is convenient, IOT enabled & cost-effective.

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