Best Astrologer in India Dr. Sridev Shastri


Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], April 2: In the vast and mystifying world of astrology in India, Dr. Sridev Shastri stands as a shining beacon of wisdom and guidance. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he has earned the reputation of being the best astrologer in India. His journey began in Kolkata, where he embarked on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and understand the profound influence of the planets and stars on human life.

What sets Dr. Sridev Shastri apart is not just his vast experience, but also his deep-rooted belief in astrology as a powerful tool for transformation. He believes that astrology is not merely about predicting the future, but also about empowering individuals to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Dr. Sridev Shastri’s expertise spans across various branches of astrology, including Vedic astrology, numerology, and palmistry. His profound knowledge and intuitive insights have helped countless individuals find clarity and direction in their lives. Whether it is career guidance, relationship issues, health concerns, or any other aspect of life, Dr. Sridev Shastri’s astrology provides invaluable insights and solutions.

One of the key reasons behind Dr. Sridev Shastri’s success as the best astrologer in India is his compassionate and empathetic approach towards his clients. He understands the complexities of life and the challenges that individuals face, and his consultations are not just informative but also comforting. He listens attentively to his clients’ concerns and provides guidance and support with empathy and understanding.

Dr. Sridev Shastri’s reputation extends far and wide, with clients from all walks of life seeking his guidance. From celebrities to politicians to business leaders, his clientele is as diverse as it is illustrious. His accurate predictions and practical advice have earned him the trust and respect of his clients, making him a trusted advisor and guide.

Apart from his astrological practice, Dr. Sridev Shastri is also a prolific writer and speaker, sharing his knowledge and insights through books, articles, and seminars. He is committed to spreading awareness about the power of astrology and its ability to bring positive changes in people’s lives.

Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R Ambedkar Award by President of India Sri. Ramnath Kobind.

●Best Celebrity Astrologer by Actress Madhuri Dixit.

●Lokshahi Sonman 2023 by Honorable Chief Minister of Maharastra Sr. Eknath Shinde.

●Bagdhara Sonman 2023 by Honourable Governor of Kerala Sri. Arif Mohammad Khan.

●Most Trusted Astrologer in India Award by Union Ministers.

●Super Indians 24 Award by Union Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh & Celebrity Actor Mr. Govinda

●Asian Distinguished Award 2018 – Gold Medal (Singapore)

●Global Achievers Award 2018 (Kolkata)

●Tripura Jyotish  Ratna Award  2018 (Tripura)

●Jyotish Padmavusan Award 2018 (Tripura)

●Sera Jyotish Sanman 2018 (Kolkata)

●Mata Tripuireswari Award

●Maharshi Parashar & Samudra Rishi Award Winner 2012(Kathmandu, Nepal)

●Jyotish Podmashree & Bharat Alankar Award Winner (New Delhi)

●Jyotish Samrat

●Tantra Siromoni

●Jyotish Bharati & Jyotish Shastri

●Jyotish Guru & Samudrik Ratna and Ratna Specialist

●Global fame award 2021 Kolkata

●International glory award 2021. Goa

●Golden glory award 2021 Mumbai

●Asia pacific excellence award 2021 (New Delhi)

In conclusion, Dr. Sridev Shastri’s journey to becoming the best astrologer in India is a testament to his unwavering dedication, profound knowledge, and compassionate nature. His astrology is not just a profession but a calling, a mission to help individuals lead better, happier, and more fulfilling lives. For those seeking guidance and enlightenment, Dr. Sridev Shastri is truly a beacon of hope in a world full of uncertainties. 

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