Fass gaya re Nochitt Miya


New Delhi (India), May 20: Now a days film director Anindgita Dasgupta is busy with her new hero Nochitt Miya a.k.a Nochitt Al Lukhani, a short guy, looks ugly ,a  self-claimed award winning musician.He plays sitar, nobody likes his music , no body calls him anywhere to perform, as  he himself copies others famous singer’s song /tunes and plays them on his sitar in a weird manner that only he can appreciate. He was frustrated as he thought he is a creative person but unfortunately people don’t understand his talent. Nochitt Miya is desperate for attention but does not get it. Eventually, Nochit Miya could not tolerate any creative person who does well in their lives, he wants to destroy their creativity, and until he destroys them, he can’t feel well. Nochitt Miya has some good connections with rich class people who favoured him for his free services of household works. In return Nochitt Miya got good food, conveyance etc. But they also never praise Nochitt Miya’s talent. Then Nochitt Miya out of anger tries to find out a way to earn money, priority, and respect. What is that way? He searched rich creative people and spoil their mind, provoked them against their business partner or boss to create trouble in their lives. Time to time he added fuel to their enmity in their mind so that the dispute never gets resolved. In this way their creativity will destroyed and Nochitt Miya feels better about himself in front of these people whose lives he has destroyed. When that rich person is fully drowned in trouble then Nochitt Miya comes forward as an angel and he takes them to Madam Sultana who is his close friend under the guise of resolving their problems. In this way, Madam Sultana will charge money from them to resolve the problem, and Nochitt Miya would also have some share out of this. In this way Nochitt Miya create a lot of wealth and eventually he gets priority from the rich class people, though his passion for music remained unnoticed still he managed his life. But every day is not Sunday! One day Nochitt Miya met a aspiring business man Munai Lal, who is soft spoken, has innocent looks, was naive, has high ambitious, lazy ,money minded , attention seeker who claimed to be an art lover. Munai Lal wanted to start a business of painting. Munai Lal was an admirer of Anushmita Chowdhury’s painting. Munai Lal wanted to do partnership business with Anushmita Chowdhury, who though was a underdog but was gradually earning name and fame to become a famous celebrity painter. By God’s Grace Munai Lal made a good connection with Anushmita Choudhury for business partnership. Munai Lal offered business partnership to  Anushmita Chowdhury so that he can be a successful art dealer in future. Anushmita although refused in the beginning as she could understand that Munai Lal has no experience and is naïve in the business but with time Munai Lal’s innocence melts her mind and she accepts Munai Lal’s offer to start the partnership business.

Nochitt Miya spoils Munai Lal ‘s mind against Anushmita Choudhury slowly by using Munai Lal ‘s ego ,jealous nature .Nachitt used carefully Munai lal ‘s insecurity against Anushmita-saying “she is getting all  limelight ,you are giving finance but you are no body,She try to dominate you , Anushmita uses  you ,every body knows her only  ,but she is living with your money,Without your finance she is nothing ,she will associate with other more rich business person in future  and she   left you in dark one day  “.Munai  Lal was confused ,because he didnot find any fault in Anushmita(though eventually Munai Lal realised that  he never met standard of Anushmita ever )but finds Anushmita down to earth person not fame hungry ,So Munai Lal ignored Nachitt Miya ‘s advice .As Munai Lal was not fully convinced,Nochitt Miya in this work took help Poyomonti Sethi who is by profession accountant of Sultan Miya ,and Munai Lal treat her as elder sister .Poyomonti though is accounted but internally she is a sex worker though she is married .Nochitt Miya and Poyomanti spoil Munai Lal ‘s mind so much Munai Lal is furious against Anushmita Choudhury and started misbehaving with her, disrespecting her, insulting her. Anushmita got hurt but she has some rock solid principal of life ,her interigrity is landmark type ,she continuesher work ,She feel sad , depressed, regretted that she started business with immature , insecured  Munai Lal who never value art ,who disrespect artist ,Munai Lal was destroying his own business as well as earned disrespect from society by  killling  the art .Still she did nothing against Munai Lal and continued her work .With time Anushmita  become world  famous because of her painting  and  she got  a lot of awards  from nationally and internationally,but though Anushmita didnot shout for that Munai Lal got furious as he didnot get any recognition for that .Then on advice of Nochitt Miya Munai lal started  tremendously harrasing her and instigated her to go authority to complaint against him ,eventually Munai Lal becomes enemy of Anushmita   .Once fan of Anushmita Choudhury now Munai Lal started believing that Anushmita cheated him , finance is everything ,art has no value as he never got any attention as businessperson ,everybody praise Anushmita .He got more irritated and Nochitt Miya and Poyomonti fuel him time to time. Anushmita understand(She engaged 6  detectives,and collect some evidences against Poyomonti,Nachiit ,Munai Lal as Anushmita got information that her all activities are noticed by private detective,and  she intentionally gave all wrong information  ) the whole story that Nochitt Miya and Poyomanti  used Munai Lal as a scapegoat, they are master mind behind the conspiracy ,spoil Munai Lal ‘s mind against her and try to destroy their business  relationship,her personal life , professional life but she kept quiet . Now Nochitt Miya felt helpless ,what he would do now ? Anushmita maintains her calm and uses her intelligence to avoid any dispute with her business partner and kept on tolerating his nuisance activities. Although both the business partners had many squabbles, but Anushmita continued to fulfil her part of the agreement that she had with Munai Lal.  This indifference and attitude to overlook the problems created by Munai Lal infuriated and frustrated Nochitt as days go by. Days, weeks months and even few years passed by but, there is no genuine dispute cropping up between Munai Lal and Anushmita, and Nachitt Miya loses his patience. When nothing could spark a dispute between Anushmita and Munai Lal, Nochitt Miya plays his trump card and instigates Munai Lal to make a false complaint against her to destroy their partnership permanently. Still, Anushmita did not respond. This frustrated Nochitt Miya to and in his oversight Nochitt makes a blunder that eventually boomerangs on him in a unique way. What will happen next? How is Nochitt trapped and what happens to him?  Will Anushmita reconcile with Munai Lal or will Munai Lal be indicted for his actions? What happened with Poyomanti? Public comes to know her original side or what? To know more… wait for the release of Fass gaya re Nochitt Miya.

Mumbai based film director, script writer  Anindgita Dasgupta is the creator mind behind this film.For this project the casting is going on. Anindgita Dasgupta taking audition for Nochitt Miya Character, she made this character in the shade of Shakuni who is master mind of Mahabharata, Duryodhana and others are just pawn in the game. So, in story Nochitt Miya is hero, Munai Lal, Poyomonti these are just a side character. Anindgita confident that after watching this film people surely taste new generation Mahabharata. Anindgita says “creativity is god gifted quality one should respect this quality ,those who intentionally kill this art,try to destroy other lives/dreams  for their own  selfish motive ,this film is teach them a lesson .”She is making this film in Hindi, English, Tamil ,Kannada, Telegu, Marathi ,French, German, Italian and Japanese language. Previously Anindgita Dasgupta made a Bengali movie Bandh and a web series Kuch kuch film jaisi. For this web series she got 140 (approx..) awards from national and international film festivals .

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